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Posted: Tue Mar 28, 2017 7:38 pm Back to top

AKA WastedSkyPirate
AKA WastedSkyPirate

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PostPosted: Tue Apr 08, 2008 12:29 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

Welcome to the Regi League Forums!

This post here contains all of the Rules of the Regi League Forums, and all of the members here are required to abide by them to maintain order and peace between all members, as well as ensure that everyone has a good time.

Please, take the time to familiarize yourself with these rules. They are numerically ordered for categorization purposes.

  • 1. No inappropriate language / discussion!

    o This rule is very important.

    o Please, do understand that this rule is not in place because we want to spoil anyone's fun.

    o If you do not wish to watch your tongue and are looking for a Forum that does allow harsh language, these are not the Forums for you, I'm sorry.

  • 2. No Flaming, Bashing, Pressuring, or Insulting other users or people!

    o One important rule on the Regi League Forums is respect. We at theRegi League Forums believe that respecting other users and people is very important and helps keep everyone friendly.

    o Posting a distasteful or inappropriate message directed at another user or another person is disrespectful and will not be tolerated. Show some courtesy, and refrain from saying anything of the sort in the first place.

    o Racial slurs are not acceptable at any time on our boards and may result in your account being banned at our discretion.

    o Be understanding of the fact that yes, someone may be wrong, or at least in your opinion, but it is not your sole responsibility to force them to believe that your way is right. Don't make people feel insignificant or like fools.

    o Debating is fine. Arguing can be fine as long as the argument remains civil. But going on and on about something that is clearly only irritating a particular user or group of users is definitely drawing the line.

    o If you have a problem with a certain member on the Forums, please, do not say it directly to their face. Don't take it up with them, and don't purposely try and antagonize them. The best course of action you can take towards someone that you just don't care for is to just ignore them and their posts.

    o If a user is harassing or insulting you, please contact a Moderator or Administrator about it immediately. If the insult took place over a Private Message (PM), please contact an Administrator about it, and include the URL to the Private Message! If the harassment or insult took place on another Forum, or in an instant messenger client, there is unfortunately nothing we can do, because it did not occur on the Regi League Forums and we can not prove that the harassment even took place.

  • 3. No posting, linking to, or promoting offensive, inappropriate, or illegal activities!

    o Being a Forum where anyone is able to post freely, without prior validation, it is important to make sure that this rule is followed. No offensive, inappropriate, or illegal activities should be discussed, promoted, linked to, or encouraged on these Forums!

    o Examples of such behavior include:

    + Posting a link to a website that contains inappropriate language or content on the other end.
    + Posting an image from a website, or using an image from a website, that may offend other users. Basically, if you think it might be controversial, don't post it. It's not worth it.

    o Posting any form of illegal, images or links, will result in a full account and IP ban, removing your ability to ever visit the Forums again. There are minors on this Forum that do not need to be exposed to such material. Your IP address will be logged and your ISP will be informed of your posting illegal material to minors, resulting in either removal of your internet connection or possibly further legal action.

    o All of these rules apply to your posts, signature, avatar, location, website URL, and every other part of your account and its presence on the Forums.

    o We at Regi League Forums cannot be held responsible for the posting of offensive materials such as images or links with offensive language or content in them, as it is beyond our control. We will remove any images or links as quickly as it is brought to a Moderator or Administrator's attention, but we apologize in advance for any exposure to such material that may have occurred during the time of the incident and the time of removal.

  • 4. No Spamming, Flooding, or Disruptive Posting

    o Spamming, which is the act of repeatedly posting pointless messages for the sole purpose of gaining post count, is not tolerated here. Please, when you post, make sure that your post is:

    + On-topic with the theme of the topic in mind
    + Longer than 3 words
    + Not annoying
    + Not for the sole purpose of earning posts

    o This kind of behavior is not to be tolerated on the Regi League Forums. However, the Forum Games section is typically lenient towards the 'No Spamming' rule.

    o When responding to a topic, please try to avoid saying non-contributive responses, such as "Cool," or "Awesome." It's not really against the rules, but it is not a good example of a quality post, and continually posting those kind of messages over and over may result in a warning.

    o If you need to say something else in a post but forgot to say it, DO NOT MAKE A NEW POST ABOUT IT! Instead, use the EDIT button that is located at the top-right corner of your post. Doing this lets you edit your existing post to add any additional information or content to your post. Failing to do this is counted as double-posting, and is a form of spamming.

    o "Flooding" is the act of posting numerous new topics (instead of just replies) in any given Forum, each serving little point of purpose. Doing this is disruptive to the Forums, as it pushes down all of the legitimate topics to the next page or so. If you have numerous questions you'd like to ask or points you'd like to bring up, please do so in one topic instead of 10. There is no point to "flood" a Forum with numerous topics. If you do such a thing, you will receive a warning.

    o It's better to post in an existing topic than to create a new one! If there is a topic on the first few pages asking "Who's your favorite Pokemon?", you don't have to make a new topic asking the exact same question.

    o Disruptive Posting can be many different things. Basically, anything that is very annoying or unnecessary in your posts, such as using an excessive amount of smilies, or using a thousand exclamation points. If your post causes people to have to scroll their page over (due to a long string of text without any spaces), that is considered Disruptive Posting. If you use a ton of smilies in your post (10+), that is also considered Disruptive Posting.

Thanks for taking the time to read the Regi League Forum rules. I hope you enjoy your time here and Ill see you around the forums.

Have fun everyone! ^_^


R e g i M a s t e r : R O C K

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